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Benoît Lemoine lives and works in Paris and Marseille. Graduate of Decorative Arts School, he was specialized in set design and a teacher in painting and drawing.

He organized his first solo exhibition in 1986in Paris, at the FIAP Jean Monnet, followed by several solo and group exhibitions in Paris, Luxembourg and others French main cities (Toulouse, Aix en Provence). He realized a major exhibition at the National Library in 1992, and included large portraits of writers in pastel and the series of "Palimpsest".

Then, he dedicated himself to the realization of a set of paintings, ink drawing and engravings on the theme of Christ's Passion.

The exhibition "The loud silence of the Passion" will be presented in the Chapel of the Salpêtrière in Paris, at the Abbey of the Prémontrés in Lorraine, in St. Jerome Convent of Toulouse, in the cloister of Billets in Paris in 2001, Cathedral of Meaux in 2002 and in l'eglise de Madeleine in Paris in 2009.

In parallel, he made artist books, unique original works on texts by Pessoa, Baudelaire, Rimbaud. Masterful pieces combining calligraphy, drawing and inks, games between collages of media.

Larger dimensions, wooden altarpieces offer more space scenography of the same kinf of work. The series of "misleading mirrors" depict the model surrounded by reflections and angles, crossing the mirror and curveball.

This series comes in ink or pastel colors playing on the line, the break between the graphic chart and printmaking.

In addition to the painter also produced portraits and self portraits.

Benoit Lemoine wore on the magazine Aartur

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Benoît  Lemoine

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